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The electric mountain bike safaris we organize are the best way to get acquainted with riding an EMTB.  


Our EMTB Safari team guides have a long history of mountain biking, road biking and bike touring.


We will take You to experience the fun of riding an electric mountain bike.


Our safaries are suitable for anyone who knows how to ride a bike, regardless of fitness and riding skill level. Thanks to the electric bike, everyone enjoys the same safari.


We dare say this is a memorable experience and you will very likely want to repeat it again.



We also arrange electric bike safaris for companies as a team day, we can customize it completely according to the needs of the company. Departure can take place in the vicinity of the company, or there are many other starting places , a sauna and catering services can be arranged through us.


Please contact us for more information.

tel. + 358 400 850 200

We follow the safety instructions and our professional guides ensure the safe of the EMTB safari. We also considerate safety issues when selecting and maintaining equipment.

EMTB Safari guides always carries a first aid kit.


In a case of emergency we have a safety plan to speed up and clarify operations and access to assistance.  We also make sure our first aid skills are up to date and valid.


Participation in the electric mountain bike safari is always voluntary.


We will provide riding and safety instructions before the start of the guided Electric Mountain Bike Safari.


Our rental terms can be downloaded from the rental website.


Participation under the influence of intoxicants is prohibited.


In all our activities, we strive for ecologically sustainable development and consumption, While we ride in trails we  try not to wear out the soil and  also pay attention to animals 

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